Private Investigator

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Private Investigator

Private Investigator   | Sunset Detective Agency, LLC  - Tampa, FL

When you choose Sunset Detective Agency, LLC to hire a private investigator to investigate your suspicions, or any investigative need you may have, our investigators will use the highest level of caution to avoid being detected.

We know that discretion is the number one rule of private investigating. An investigation of a private matter requires experienced professionals to secretly follow their target, move undetected around them to get solid surveillance photos, and abide by standards of ethical conduct and legal guidelines to perform the type of private investigation that you can rely on and that will hold up in court.

Often, legal matters require the use of a private investigator to work with attorneys on their cases. Sunset Detective Agency, LLC employs private detectives with experience handling private investigations in a manner that is legally admissible in court proceedings. Any private investigator assigned to an attorney by Sunset Detective Agency, LLC can be depended on to offer solid evidence collected during the course of their private investigations.

But detective agencies are used for more than just cheating lovers and attorneys at law. Businesses, particularly small businesses, often rely on detective agencies like us to conduct private investigations of their employees and company officers. Utilizing a private investigator in these matters is a good way to keep the process confidential and prevent news of the investigation from leaking out to employees in the company.

No matter if your need is business related, personal or criminal, you can retain a private detective from us at Sunset Detective Agency, LLC and find the answers to the questions that you need in a private and secure way with professionals who know how to do it! Call on us at Sunset Detective Agency, LLC to handle your private investigation needs!