Criminal Background Checks

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Criminal Background Checks

Criminal Background Checks   | Sunset Detective Agency, LLC  - Tampa, FL

For personal or business purposes, criminal background checks by Sunset Detective Agency, LLC are thorough and professional and can save your business time and money.

It is not uncommon these days to meet someone on social media or find a job online. These modes of contacting people without having met them face to face increases the need for a thorough evaluation of the person’s background and criminal history before going out on a date with them or signing a business contract.

We are a Tampa Bay area business dedicated to using a private investigator to provide comprehensive background checks to verify the work status, educational background, credit history, and criminal record of potential employees in a discrete and professional way. Make sure that you have all of the information you need in hand when making hiring decisions.

Detailed criminal background checks can prevent you from hiring a job applicant with a history of theft on the job, identify misleading or false information submitted during the application process, or discover outstanding warrants or legal troubles that could potentially disrupt your business.

These precautionary steps are enormous cost savers in the long run for businesses. For personal uses, criminal background checks can be lifesavers. You never know what type of person is on the other end of your online communication. Many good, long term relationships begin from online dating nowadays, but there are also many cases of dangerous and life threatening incidents that have occurred as the result of online dating.

That is why contacting us at Sunset Detective Agency, LLC is a smart way to protect yourself when you finally decide to meet the person on the other end face to face. You will have the advantage of knowing if he or she is married, has a violent or criminal history, has lied to you about certain personal details, or whether or not they are using an alias.