Armed Security

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Armed Security

Armed Security   | Sunset Detective Agency, LLC  - Tampa, FL

Depending on your needs, you can utilize Sunset Detective Agency, LLC to protect your Tampa Bay area business in the long term or short term. We offer armed security guards for business surveillance or for personal protection on a contract basis. If you need ongoing security or security for a particular time frame, call on us for your protection.

We keep a highly trained staff of armed security specialized that can handle any kind of security detail for your Tampa Bay area business location. Even if your property is protected with surveillance equipment, some crimes may escape the detection of the cameras. Utilizing a security specialist from Sunset Detective Agency, LLC is an excellent way to heighten security around a crime plagued business.

The human element involved in armed security means that you have access to professionals with the developed instincts for sniffing out suspicious activity or stepping in when dangerous and life threatening situations occur. Contact us for personal armed security when you are the victim of death threats or if you have left an abusive relationship.

Even if you feel comfortable handling firearms to protect yourself, the benefit of utilizing professional security specialist for your protection is that an armed guard is likely better able to detect threats to your person or property than you are and thus is better able to react appropriately.

You may not feel that your situation warrants armed security guards but it is better to be safe than sorry. If you have reported threats to your person to the authorities yet feel that you need something more to ease your mind, you only need to contact us in the Tampa Bay area for a personal armed security professional to begin protecting you and your assets!