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About Sunset Detective Agency, LLC

About Us | Sunset Detective Agency, LLC  - Tampa, FL

Sunset Detective Agency, LLC is a Tampa, FL private investigating business that offers a full spectrum of private detective services for hire. Contract a private detective to investigate a potential business partner, a suspicious romantic partner, or a dishonest employee. Use armed security guards to secure your venue for a public event. Procure routine business services like criminal background checks, armed guards and surveillance for less.

We do short term contracts as well as long term, so you can give us a call at Sunset Detective Agency, LLC when you notice crime is on an upswing to dissuade criminals from targeting your store. Often one or two armed security guards are enough to scare off bad actors in your area.

When you go to court for a divorce, you need a private investigator to verify certain claims you make and those made by your former spouse. These situations are sometimes very emotional and messy. It is great to have professionals who understand the delicate nature of your situation and can find the answers that you need promptly!

No matter if your needs are personal or professional, Sunset Detective Agency, LLC is your Tampa, FL full service detective agency for private investigating big and small. Call us today to find out more!