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Private Investigator

Private Investigator   | Sunset Detective Agency, LLC  - Tampa, FL

When you choose us to hire a private investigator to investigate your suspicions, or any investigative need you may...

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Armed Security

Armed Security   | Sunset Detective Agency, LLC  - Tampa, FL

Depending on your needs, you can utilize Sunset Detective Agency, LLC to protect your Tampa Bay area business in the long term or short term.

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Criminal Background Checks

Criminal Background Checks   | Sunset Detective Agency, LLC  - Tampa, FL,FL

For personal or business purposes, criminal background checks by Sunset Detective Agency, LLC are thorough and professional and...

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Welcome To Sunset Detective Agency, LLC

When you find yourself in need of a private investigator, it’s not usually a happy occasion. Often it is a private matter that you find yourself unable to handle on your own. Whether you suspect an unfaithful partner or an employee who is stealing from your company, you can trust Sunset Detective Agency, LLC in Tampa, FL to handle your private investigation with the utmost integrity and confidentiality.

We offer a wide range of services including private investigating, armed security guards, criminal background search, private detectives, asset investigation, surveillance, witness location, skip tracing, detectives for attorneys, and executive transportation.

The wide array of services plus their record of excellent service in Tampa, FL make Sunset Detective Agency, LLC the agency of choice for private investigating. Their investigators are highly trained professionals who take their responsibility seriously for finding you the answers that you need quickly and discretely.

We perform routine services such as store surveillance, employee background checks, and legal investigations as well as high level services like financial investigations, mobile notary services, and armed security guards. When thefts are on the rise, use a private armed guard from Sunset Detective Agency, LLC to ward off future criminals. We accept short term and long term contracts.

If you own a small business, you may find using a detective agency to perform your criminal background checks is a more affordable way to thoroughly investigate potential employees. In addition to background checks, the use of an armed guard to transport cash for bank deposits is a more secure way to handle your cash and greatly reduce the chances of theft. If you are looking for a private detective to conduct an investigation or surveillance of your spouse, Sunset Detective Agency, LLC is the detective agency that can handle your case with complete confidentiality while getting results legally and quickly.

Choose the detective agency that offers the most services for private investigating in all of Tampa, FL by calling Sunset Detective Agency, LLC now!

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